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Adding Science to the Art of Innovation

Why eMindset Academy?



As the leader of a corporate entrepreneur team, you need to deliver value-added innovation.  But there is a gap in your tool box – how do you know which eMindset capacities are strong and which are underrepresented on your team? There is a science-based solution:  The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile




There are significant differences in how all EMP factors are deployed in corporate vs. more  entrepreneurial organizations. You will learn how to interpret those differences and use the eMIndset leadership strategies needed for successful innovation.



Talents and Skills Measured:  Independence, Preference for Limited Structure, Nonconformity, Risk Acceptance, Action Orientation, Passion, Need to Achieve, Future Focus, Idea Generation, Execution, Self-confidence, Optimism, Persistence, and Interpersonal Sensitivity.



Your goal for certification as an eMindset leader is, not only to identify Talent and Skills factors, but also to learn practices, which develop further these cognitive and behavioral characteristics within your team.  With eMIndset certification, you can step up and lead with confidence.

eMindset Overview

This has been a long-term vision of eMindset Expert and Leadership Facilitator and Coach, Pam Mayer.  The eMindset Academy was started to teach practicing leaders how to add science to the art of innovation.  Our Goal is to certify team leaders in the strategies of eMindset Leadership, including how to leverage critical eMindset Talents, and how to build the eMindset Skills needed in their work.  If you are a corporate, government, or non-profit leader who is engaged with an innovation challenge, including the development of new products, services, or systems then you have come to the right place!

eMindset Premium Coaching Services

For leaders who complete the eMIndset certification, and wish to do additional work with their teams, premier services will include up to 6 additional EMP individual profiles, as well as a group aggregate report. The group report compares your team against the two norm groups of practicing managers and entrepreneurs. This service also includes 3 live coaching calls between your team and Dr. Pam Mayer, eMindset Academy Director.”

About Pam Mayer

eMindset expert and innovator

A consulting psychologist and co-author of the emindsetprofile.com, Pam has extensive experience in coaching leaders working in corporate, government,  research, and training organizations.  Her focus is teaching practicing managers and their teams how to use behavioral science to revitalize their entrepreneurial  thinking.  Pam’s experience working with leaders across Europe, Asia, North and South America revealed that most groups trying to work “outside the box” do not have the tools they need in our innovation-driven economy. Her life-time goal is to bring the evidence-based science that will allow these leaders to innovate successfully.


“Pam Mayer is a practitioner par excellence when it comes to using assessments to focus leaders, teams, and organizations on how they can achieve higher performance. You can learn a lot from her about the art and science of assessment-driven development.”

Rob Kaiser

President, Kaiser Leadership Solutions, Greensboro, NC

“Pam provided me with a safe environment for self-reflection and a discovery journey to find my strengths. Once I became slowly aware of those, I developed them with passion and drive.  While directing myself more and more into roles that would fit my evolving mindset, I was able to focus on having real impact and building humming innovation ecosystems where people could both grow and enjoy their daily work.”

Klaas Jan Stol

Head of Growth & Innovation, Gottlieb Binder GmbH & Co. KG, Deutschland/Germany

“I had the opportunity to work for a couple of years with Pam when our business was engaged in major transformations. She completely upgraded world-wide leadership development team skills, and increased significantly its positive influence on the organization. Thanks to a great understanding of our business and a strong and trustful relationship with the CEO and his team, Pam led an engaging development program. She is a fantastic leadership trainer, mastering the tools and demonstrating how to use them effectively for the success of our business.”

Fred Ravat

Founder, Grasp Leadership, Paris, France





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