About Pam

eMindset expert and innovator

With over 30 years of experience in Behavioral Sciences, Pam Mayer is an expert in the Training and Coaching industry providing impactful leadership development services to her clients.

Dr. Pam Mayer is certified in numerous psychological assessments and has contributed to several publications.


Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile

Leadership Versatility Index 360

Benchmarks 360

Conflict Dynamics Profile

Skillscope 360

Change Style Indicator

Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach


Developing a New Measure of Entrepreneurial Mindset:  Reliability, Validity, and Implications for Practitioners;”  Mark Davis, Jennifer Hall, and Pamela Mayer; Consulting Psychology Journal:  Practice and Research, October19, 2016.

Strengths Assessment:  Chief Learning Officer Magazine; Summer/Fall,2014.

The Human Side of Knowledge Management, An Annotated Bibliography; Center for Creative Leadership, 2000.

Knowledge Management:  a New Challenge for Leaders; Leadership in Action: Jossey-Bass and the Center for Creative Leadership May/June, 2000

The Innovation Story

“I have been part of several organizations where teams were being asked to innovate in products, services, or systems. In all these settings, I noticed that the approach was typically to try harder to streamline what they already knew how to do, or work on extensions or different iterations of what was already available, or even to innovate by simply changing price points, a new array of similar products, or branding in a different manner.  These efforts seemed to provide only modest value-added growth, and often frustrated the teams who were working without a map of their own talents and skills from which to leverage more capacity. I decided to begin my quest for a solid, science-backed tool and associated leadership practices to support these efforts. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile, and eMindset Academy, are the result of that quest.  I am very happy to be able to provide both to practicing leaders.”

– Pam Mayer, Ph. D.


Why eMindset Academy?

  • Evidence-based science has been the missing ingredient in the ongoing efforts to thrive amidst an innovation-driven economy.
  • The research-derived Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) includes seven Personality Scales (Talents) and seven Skills Scales of eMindset thinking and behavior.
  • Leaders asking how they can bring a new mindset to the challenges they face can maximize their impact when they learn how to identify and facilitate the evidence-based factors of thinking and behavior required for innovation to succeed.

Get Certified – Leaders learn to implement five critical steps for effective eMindset facilitation:

    • Understanding the Innovation Challenge
    • Customizing a Team Profile for Context
    • Leveraging eMindset personality Talents
    • Building eMindset critical Skills
    • Matching Leadership Strategies to Organization Environment

“During my 30-plus years at Kiewit, I’ve had the opportunity to work with leadership coaches at key points in my career, especially as I took on new, wide-ranging responsibilities.  While I always was able to gain insights, the true impact of the coaching varied widely.  In 2012, I was introduced to Pam Mayer and started a coaching relationship that has been a game-changer.  Out of the gate, Pam’s coaching opened my mind to new, different ways to lead, observe, and interact with others.  She guides but, as importantly, challenges me to think more deeply about what leadership really means.  She also never hesitates to hold me accountable to take the steps needed to be the most effective leader I can be.  Time is a precious commodity, but I never regret prioritizing my work and experiences with Pam – which continue to deliver results that matter.” 

Rick Lanoha

President and CEO, Kiewit Corporation, Omaha, NE

“Since 2010, I have had the honor of working with Pam Mayer through her affiliation with the Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College, and I am well acquainted with her many gifts, including her immeasurable commitment to leadership development and coaching, her intellectual rigor, her exceptional interpersonal skills, and her enormous vitality.  As a co-author of Eckerd College’s Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP), Pam has advanced the science of innovation and helped thousands of individuals understand and develop their entrepreneurial capacity. “

Megan Watson Kramer

Associate Dean, Executive Education, Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Fl.