eMindset Leader Certification Workshop

For Corporate Entrepreneurs

What Exactly is the eMindset Academy? Do I really need it?

emindset basics

Research has revealed the two sides of eMindset: the Talent side, which may lie dormant, and the Skills side, which is more subject to new learning. By using the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile. combined with eMindset Leadership Strategies, you can discover and develop these capabilities on any team you lead. You will learn at eMindset Academy how to leverage the Talents and build the Skills by creating a team summary customized for your organizational context.

When your team is facing an innovation challenge, it is way too frustrating to fly blind, not really knowing what your team’s capacity might be for entrepreneurial thinking.

The MAP you will use in certification will answer the following questions:

Where do I learn the science of eMindset?

Answer:  You will use the certification toolkit to proceed through five-steps on the eMindset Leader Practice MAP.

Is eMindset evidence based?

Answer:  Yes, the 14 factors of eMindset are measured by the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile in Step one and summarized in Step two of the MAP for your team as a whole.

What are the characteristics of eMindset?

Answer: They are the 14 cognitive and behavioral factors measured by the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile, or EMP. They are provided in Step one of the MAP.

How is eMindset leadership unique?
Answer:  With your EMP profile and team summary, you can compare your team’s capacity for innovation against both corporate and entrepreneurial norms in Step one of the MAP.
Can I apply eMindset for leading teams?

Answer: If innovation is your goal, you can use the eMindset Leader Practice MAP to maximize results.  

Why does eMindset Matter?



There is an increasing demand now for high functioning leaders, especially those who can lead teams to create new products, services, and systems. But where is the science to inform and support this corporate entrepreneurship?



Too often entrepreneurial talent is not recognized or reinforced. By identifying the natural personality factors of eMIndset with a valid and reliable assessment tool, the team leader can begin to recognize and nurture these various talents in team members. eMindset knowledge and awareness then allows for a more comprehensive and effective mobilization of these Talents.



Wide differences in the range of manager capabilities to support innovation stifles the potential for teams to move forward; just trying harder to use old methods doesn’t work. A new mindset is required.



eMindset Skills can be taken for granted and sometimes overlooked, thereby suboptiizing their further development. But these behavioral factors of cognitive style can be reinforced and built to a much greater level with awareness on the part of the team leader and team members. Knowledge and application of eMindset Skill factors matters in huge way for ensuring team innovation success.




Research on the critical factors for eMindset is now available. These characteristics are evidence-based and can be identified and nurtured in team members. Leadership strategies can be learned so that team or project leaders will be able to maximize these eMindset capabilities..



The knowledge and use of eMindset science allows team leaders to create strategies that fit their organizational context. Selection of the most relevant leadership strategies allows for maximum leverage of eMindset factors and creates awareness of environmental factors such as type of organization, constituency of team members, and cross-functional support for the innovation project. 



eMindset matters most when it is used to identify and facilitate natural eMindset Talents and build eMindset Skills in teams and their leaders. eMindset matters because science can then inform decision making in the quest for innovation.



By measuring entrepreneurial mindset, you learn which factors differentiate corporate entrepreneurial thinking from more traditional manager thinking and practices. Where there is more eMindset, there can be more innovation.

Certification Map

Your eMIndset Leader Certification can be completed in 30 days by following in sequence the five steps on this MAP.  Each step is described in detail in the eMindset Leader Facilitation Guide, which you receive upon registration.  Within the Guide will be a description of how to interpret your Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile report, and the directions for creating a customized team summary of eMIndset Talents and Skills using predicted scores. The Facilitator Guide parallels this MAP, so that steps 3 and 4 are supported with numerous exercises for you to facilitate with your team – it is important to do all the exercises for maximum benefit.  The Facilitator Guide will provide a section on Leadership Strategies for team coaching – it includes an innovation graphic to use for team discussions, and a Glossary from which to choose or create the strategies most appropriate for your particular organizational context.”

Expand Your Leadership Capacity to Deliver Innovation.

During certification you will receive a comprehensive tool kit which includes the following: a personalized Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile report and Development Guide for your use as team leader; a Facilitator Guide with practice exercises; Powerpoint slides for each of the five team training modules; and access to five videos, which explain how to facilitate the activities for your team. You will learn how to construct a team summary of eMIndset Talents and SKills customized for your organization. There will be monthly Q & A calls to ask questions and to share leadership practices, and a Glossary in the Facilitation Guide is provided from which to select those strategies most pertinent for your team.

Develop eMindset

Leadership Strategies

After completing eMindset Leader certification, you will have a greater understanding of your team’s eMIndset Talents and Skills, and a better grasp of how to apply these capacities toward meeting the innovation challenge. From there you can identify the most effective leadership strategies based on the customized team capabilities summary you have created. The eMindset Leader Facilitator Guide, which you received during certification, will have numerous strategies from which to select those most appropriate for your organizational context.

Team Training & Coaching

As team leader, you will learn in certification how to plan and deliver ongoing team coaching throughout your project. You will have a Team Innovation Chart for reviewing environmental factors and organization context.  For example, does the team represent cross-functional areas or different types of expertise?  Perhaps they are an intact team doing skunk work inside a group, or maybe the new project comes to your team from senior management.  Is your setting corporate, small business, not-for-profit, or a government organization?  How you coach your team to use eMIndset capabilities will be influenced these environmental factors.

Monthly Q&A

After you register for certification, you will be invited to participate in a monthly Q & A webinar.  The purpose of the webinar is to support an eMIndset Leader Community ongoing dialogue, and to share best practices. Also, you can submit questions as well as case studies regarding you work and share in the learning from others. It is powerful way to receive support as you work on innovation challenges.


How Do I Know if eMindset Academy Is Right for Me?

It is right for you if you are ready to transform the power of your leadership. If you want your team to be more innovative now than it was a year ago, this is the opportunity you have been seeking. Don’t wait for others, trust yourself, the time is now  – Step Up and Lead!

• How soon after registration will I be able to complete eMindset Leader certification?

It is possible to complete certification within 30 days when you conduct team exercises in the Facilitator Guide as prescribed.

• How soon after registration will I be able to receive my EMP report?

Once you register for certification, you will receive a link within 48 hours to take the assessment; your report is automatically scored and sent directly to you.

• Do I have access during certification to training materials for my team?

As soon as you register, you can download the eMindset Leader Facilitation Guide Powerpoint slides to use with your team, and five videos, one for each of the five modules in certification. These downloads are available for 90 days following registration.

• Is it necessary for my entire team to complete EMP in order to complete eMindset Leader certification?

No, you will learn in certification how to create a team summary of eMindset Talents and Skills based on predicted scores.

• If I want my entire team to receive their individual EMP profiles, and to get a group profile of my team, how is that done?

Once you complete eMindset Leader certification, you can register for Premium Services on the website and receive up to 6 additional EMP assessments for your team along with an aggregated group profile report.

Will there be any opportunity after certification to set up live coaching calls with eMindset Academy Director for my team?

Yes, monthly live coaching calls for three months is included with Premium Services; the purpose of the call is to review and interpret your team’s aggregate profile and to create leadership strategies based on that report.


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pam Mayer for over eight years, and she has an amazing wealth of experience in leadership training, executive coaching, and organizational development.  With her vast knowledge of research-driven assessment tools and expertise in innovation, she co-authored the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP), and has conducted numerous programs for executives all over the world in areas of change management, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset.  She is a wonderful colleague and an outstanding practitioner.” 

Nancy W. Pridgen

Manager, Program and Product Development, , Leadership Development Institute, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL

“I have had the opportunity to work closely with Pam Mayer for several years.  She embodies leadership in her everyday work and life  My particular experience with Pam is in utilizing her talent to develop leadership programs and executive coaching.  Pam paved the way for our organization, partnering with us to expand our emerging leader program and developing a very successful program for our executives.  This executive program was workshop based and further enhanced with an executive coaching component.  Pam was also instrumental in introducing team coaching opportunities to our organization.”

Susan Steed

Assistant Director, Talent Management/Organizational Development, Raleigh, NC





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