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“Pam Mayer is a practitioner par excellence when it comes to using assessments to focus leaders, teams, and organizations on how they can achieve higher performance. You can learn a lot from her about the art and science of assessment-driven development.”

Rob Kaiser

President, Kaiser Leadership Solutions, Greensboro, NC

“Pam provided me with a safe environment for self-reflection and a discovery journey to find my strengths. Once I became slowly aware of those, I developed them with passion and drive.  While directing myself more and more into roles that would fit my evolving mindset, I was able to focus on having real impact and building humming innovation ecosystems where people could both grow and enjoy their daily work.”

Klaas Jan Stol

Head of Growth & Innovation, Gottlieb Binder GmbH & Co. KG, Deutschland/Germany

“I had the opportunity to work for a couple of years with Pam when our business was engaged in major transformations. She completely upgraded world-wide leadership development team skills, and increased significantly its positive influence on the organization. Thanks to a great understanding of our business and a strong and trustful relationship with the CEO and his team, Pam led an engaging development program. She is a fantastic leadership trainer, mastering the tools and demonstrating how to use them effectively for the success of our business.”

Fred Ravat

Founder, Grasp Leadership, Paris, France